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With the frenzy of the Mega Millions Jackpot as it climbs past 330 million; I, like many people, often fantasize of winning the enormous jackpot.  I think of what wonderful deeds I would do if that were to ever become a reality.  How many people I would help and never having to worry about finances.  I decided to leave out the things I’d buy for my family and I like a house, cars, clothes, jewelry and so on because that is a given.  Plus, what fun would it be to just spend the money on myself.  Here, I have compiled a list of ten things I would do if ever I win Mega Millions or Powerball or any other large amount of monetary winnings.

1.  Pay my tithes.  I am a strong believer in giving back to God.  After all, hasn’t he given us more than we could fathom?  Also, Leviticus 27:30-32 states “And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is holy unto the Lord.  And if a man will at all redeem ought of his tithes, he shall add thereto the fifth part thereof.  And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord.”  I would do this first, absolutely before anything else.

2.  Buy my parent’s house and send them on a honeymoon.  My parents have been together for 35 long years. It was supposed to be their golden years but when my baby sister was born, they were jolted back to reality.  Seldom do they ever get to do anything alone so the second thing I would do is pay off their house and send them on vacation.  Often times I have discussed this with them and asked if they would like a new extravagant house built and every time they insist on staying at their current address but they wouldn’t object to having no mortgage.  The both have worked really hard, sacrificing a lot to raise us and since they never got to go on one, I would send them on a honeymoon of their choice; anywhere on the planet.  My father would pick Italy and my mother would go to Jerusalem, which would be next to impossible as she has vowed never to set foot on an airplane. 

3.  Send my brother and sister to the colleges of their choice.  My brother has so much potential and is one of the smartest people I have ever met.  He thinks in circles around me and pretty much anybody I know.  Maybe I feel that way because he is my older brother and I have hung on his every word since childhood.  Or maybe he really is just super intelligent.  Either way, he would do great if given the chance to reach his maximum potential.  If money were no object, I would give him a full ride to anywhere he wanted to go.  My sister is also extremely intelligent.  She is the youngest of us three and is the smartest among all of her friends.  Based on academics alone, she could easily secure a spot at any college of her choice.  I would take on that financial burden in a heartbeat.  If for nothing else, I’m curious to see what these two could do if given the opportunity. 

4.  Start a “no-kill” animal shelter/adoption program.  I plan to donate several million dollars to various charities; Veteran’s Administration, various homeless shelters, orphanages, rehab facilities.  And with all the extra time I would have I would volunteer also.  I am a firm believer in taking care of people.  However, animals hold a special place in my heart and they are often thought of last.  I would buy a farm with several hundred acres including the proper facilities to handle everything. Then I’d  hire the folks from the “Christian the Lion” video to help head up the organization.  Also, I am fascinated with their video and would want to pick their brains.  It is truly an amazing, heartwarming story with a great ending.  I cry every time I watch it.   I want all the homeless, abused or unwanted animals to have happy endings like that one and would work to ensure it become a reality.  The intent is to get everyone adopted out to wonderful homes with great people but if that weren’t possible, they could live out their days on my farm in a loving and nurturing environment.  Nobody should have to die because they aren’t wanted.  I think this is my favorite to-do list item so far.

5.  Make a stranger’s day.  If I were blessed with several million dollars, it would be my duty to change as many lives as possible.  This to-do is one that I am pretty sketchy on.  I really don’t have many of the details planned out.  I figure it would start with me walking down the street and handing a stranger, or numerous strangers, a few thousand dollars.  It wouldn’t matter what they look like, who they are standing with or what they are wearing.  I trust that God would put whoever needed the money in my path and I would obey.  I don’t want anything in return and I don’t want them to know my name.  I just want to make their day.  Who knows, maybe it would change their life! 

So now you know what I would do if given millions and millions of dollars to do with whatever I wanted.  I would like to hear some of your intended “to-do’s” if ever you were in the same predicament.



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